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The Nationwide Tour will travel to Fort Wayne at Indiana this week for the Hotel Fitness Championship 2014. The event will be the first of the Nationwide Tour finals. The field at this event will have the top 75 players from the 2014 Nationwide Tour from the money list as well as those players who finished 126-200 on the PGA Tour.

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The Hotel Fitness Championship 2014 is the first of four events which will determine which are the golfers who qualify for the 50 PGA Tour Cards which are available for next season. The top 25 players of the Nationwide Tour have already secured their place in the PGA Tour for next season and will feature at these events as they look to pick up on their priority rankings. The remaining players will play for the 25 cards which are available for the PGA Tour next year. The event will be held at the Sycamore Hills Golf Club which was designed by legendary designer Jack Nicklaus and opened its gates in the year 1989. The defending champion at the Hotel Fitness Championship is Trevor Immelman. The Nationwide Tour will move to North Carolina next week for the second event of the Nationwide Tour Finals.

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Posted: 28th August 2014

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