Tiger Woods Supports New Drug Policy Gets Tested Twice So Far

Tiger WoodsBack in September Tiger Woods was quoted as saying that he thought the penalties for using drugs for the PGA players should be stiff, "Given our reputation in our sport, how honorable our sport is and always has been and will continue to be, I think that the penalty has got to be somewhat significant," Woods said in late September. As a thank you, the PGA has tested Woods twice already since the new policy was put into effect.

July 1st was the date the new policy was put into effect, just after Woods had the knee surgery that kept him out of tournaments until February of this year. Woods was tested in December, while he was hosting a charity event at California's Chevron World Challenge. Previous to that event, he hadn't made any appearances in public after the knee surgery. He had been asked during an interview if he was expecting a visit from the PGA regarding a drug test. Possibly joking, he replied, “Yea, actually.” Later on he told reporters “right after I got done telling you guys that, they were waiting for me.”

He also got tested in March at another event – the CA Championship of Doral in Florida, which was his second test since the new policy was created. Most agree that the new policy stems from comments that Gary Player made about personally knowing about at least one player, if not several, that were using performance enhancing drugs. 

Under the new policy any player out of competition may be tested, which was the case with Woods this year. Woods appears to be in good spirits about it, laughing at the coincidence of the first drug test, at his first public appearance directly after his surgery.

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Posted: 10th May 2009

News Tiger Woods Supports New Drug Policy Gets Tested Twice So Far
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