Tiger Woods Files Application for US Open in 2010

Tiger WoodsApparently, Tiger Woods wants to participate in this year's U.S. Open tournament which will be held at Pebble Beach. He filed his application on Monday, which was the following day of his tie for fourth in the PGA Maters Tournament, seeming to indicate that his match brought with it the realization that he missed playing golf. This will likely lead some fans to assume and in fact be hopeful that, he will be returning full time to the world of golf, and not to a self imposed exile from the courses of professional golf tournaments.

The US Open was won by Woods in 2000, taking it by fifteen strokes over both Ernie Els and Miguel Angel Jimenez. That makes three U.S. Open championships for Woods and a total or fourteen major championships on the professional circuit. Only time will tell if he is going to be able to pull it off again. The U.S. Open will come to you from Pebble Beach June 17th to the 20th. Each player must submit an application, even a formality application for players exempt for the national championship by April 28th, so Woods is right on time.

Mike Davis, who is the Senior Director of rules and competitions for the USGA spoke out about the event saying to the Monterey Herald that Tiger had filed an entry and that normally when someone exempt files for entry they are usually planning on playing. He said even though it sometimes does happen with injuries where they sign up and don't play, the occurrence is very rare. This means that Tiger Woods will likely be on the field for the U.S. Open and back on track in golf after a five month hiatus from the sport. Phil Mickelson has also filed his application.

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Posted: 15th April 2010

News Tiger Woods Files Application for US Open in 2010
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