Tiger Woods Declares Participation in 2010 British Open

Tiger WoodsEven when Tiger Woods is out of action with an injury, or other extenuating circumstances, he is still the main topic when it comes to live golf news. That trend continues this week as the announcement that Tiger Woods has decided he will be playing in the British Open took over the front page of major sports headlines across the world.

The news of Tiger’s second return to the game in as many months came via his personal website, and many avid live golf fans are waiting with baited breath to see if he will be able to bounce back from his poor performance in his last tournament. There is no doubt that Tiger Woods is the premier name in the entire sport, as noted by his two previous wins at St. Andrews, and a big win or a finish among the top players would be groundbreaking for himself and the game.

Woods captured his first British Open victory at St. Andrews back in 2000, which officially made him the youngest player to ever complete a Grand Slam in the modern career. In that winning finish, Woods finished at 19 under par in one of the most complete displays of pure golf skill anyone has ever seen. He then repeated the grand slam performance in 2005 when he won the tournament again in the same spot.

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Can Tiger pick up his game and get back to his elite status, or will his injuries and personal issues hold him back once again? Be sure to tune into all the live golf action right here on watchlivegolf.com to find out.

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Posted: 21st May 2010

News Tiger Woods Declares Participation in 2010 British Open
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