The PGA Tour Finale The Fab Five

Tiger WoodsThis year The Tour Championship has formulated a new number system for the players entering the final rounds that gives each of the thirty participants the same mathematical chance of winning the $10,000,000 bonus. This is the third time that the points system has been recalculated in three years, and there are five players who have the greatest chance of walking away with that $10,000,000, and a lot of bragging rights as this year’s PGA Tour ends. Those fab five are Tiger Woods, Steve Stricker, Jim Furyk, Zach Johnson and Heath Slocum.

These five automatically win the bonus with a victory and the other twenty five on the list still have hope for it as well. It’s confusing to say that least, but Padraig Harrington could win the 10 Million Dollar Grand Prize if Tiger Woods doesn’t end up solo second, and Sean O’Hair has his chance only if Woods and Stricker finish third or later. Also, Scott Verplank could win, from eighth place if he gets a victory, and if Woods, Stricker and Jim Furyk aren’t runners-up.

 More confusing numbers for you: Jim Furyk could win this entire tournament if he finishes third and Tiger Woods finishes third or worse, and if Steve Stricker finishes fifth or worse. Also, if someone that is not in the top ten wins then Furyk gets the ten million dollars. So, with the new numbers system in place, and the goal to make The Tour Championship even more exciting, these five stand out as having the most ability to bring home the gold, er, the green in this case. This may make The Tour Championship more exciting, I’m not sure. But I am sure that it gives this reporter a headache.

Tags: The Tour Championship, Steve Stricker, Zach Johnson, Heath Slocum, Tiger Woods, Jim Furyk
Posted: 29th September 2009

News The PGA Tour Finale The Fab Five
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