Swine Flu Forces Nationwide To Postpone Mexico Open

Bill Calfee

The Mexico open has been played since 1944 but this year Nationwide officials have decided to postpone the tournament, which was to take place later this month. The tournament, which is played at the El Bosque Golf Club in Leon, Mexico, which is only about 200 miles from Mexico City.

The tournament will be played sometime later this year, according to Nationwide Tour President Bill Calfee. “A significant number of lives have been lost in Mexico, which is tragic,” Calfee said. “There are more important things for people to focus on at the moment.”

Calfee sent an email to players that the Circuit planned on monitoring the situation but decided to make a decision sooner because of growing member concerns and a travel warning issued by the U.S. Center for Disease Control.

Well, Mexico may have even more time to concentrate on solving the H1N1 problem, as The Canadian Tour has also postponed another tournament, The San Luis Potosi Open, which was scheduled to take place Thursday. The San Luis tournament has been postponed indefinitely, and on Tuesday, the Canadian Tour postponed two events, the Yucatan Country Club Classic, and the Iberostar Riviera Maya Open. Both of these are scheduled to take place later in 2009. 

Nationwide Tour Player Gavin Coles said. ““I hadn’t planned to play, but if they called it off because of health concerns it’s a good decision. The health of the players and all involved should come first in that situation.”

The H1N1 virus has spread to four continents so far, and may be responsible for as many as 149 deaths so far.

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Posted: 4th May 2009

News Swine Flu Forces Nationwide To Postpone Mexico Open
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