Skins Game Canceled After LG Pulls Sponsorship

Jack NicklausA fairly well known tradition in the PGA is the end-of-year Skins Tournament, in which four players are invited to play on a match basis, attempting to win hole by hole and earning cash for each hole they win. This year, the tournament – which was due to take place over thanksgiving weekend – was canceled due to economic issues, possibly stemming from the fact that LG announced earlier this year that it will no longer be sponsoring the tournament. 

The first skins game was played in 1983 and had names like Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player participating. Player won the title of the 1983 skins tournament and took home $170,000 dollars. This year, as of recent years, the prize has equaled a total of one million dollars, with $25,000 awarded to players for each of the first six holes they capture (holes are also called “skins”) and $50,000 for each of the 7-12 holes. Holes 13-17 will get players a prize per hole of $70,000 and winning the 18th hole will get you an extra $200,000. 

Since there are only four players on the field, it is pretty much a guarantee of taking home some sort of Christmas bonus for those participating, but for some reason the tournament has had a hard time attracting big name, marquee players over recent years. Last year, K.J. Choi walked away with $415,000 and the title against Stephen Ames, Rocco Mediate and Phil Mickelson. 

The tournament has taken place at the Indian Wells Golf Resort in Indian Wells, California since its inception. Organizers of the event said they would be resuming the tournament next year, but it is unknown if LG will come back to sponsor the tourney or if another sponsor will surface before the tournament is due to take place in 2010.

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Posted: 10th May 2009

News Skins Game Canceled After LG Pulls Sponsorship
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