Rory Sabbatini Wins Honda Classic for Sixth PGA Tour Title

Rory SabbatiniWhen rain was predicted on Sunday, for the final round of the Honda Classic, those in charge of the PGA Tour decided to move up the tee times and after a nearly 30 minute delay Rory Sabbatini won the Honda Classic by just one shot, which made his win his Sixth PGA Tour victory. It wasn't a surprise to anyone following the tournament, as he had entered the event with a five stroke lead already, which took the pressure off and allowed him to make a slow and steady play toward the victory. He shot for Par for a score of 70.

Y.E. Yang came in second in the Honda Classic. Yang was also the winner of the 2009 tournament as well as the PGA Champion, and he came close to taking the victory right out from underneath Sabbatini when he took a birdie on the 15th hole, the first one of the acclaimed “Bear Trap” and a Par 3, with Sabbatini dropping down one shot. That left Yang only one stroke to make up, but then Rory Sabbatini came back with his own birdie at the very next hole, a Par 4, which gave him another stroke over Yang for a total of 2.

Just before the twenty eight minute delay because of the rain Rory Sabbatini hit his tee shot onto the green in the Par 3 17th hole. Yang had to wait until after the storms had passed and play had resumed before he made his approach shot. He hit his ball into the bunker, which brought a swift end to his taking over the tournament. However, on the 18th hole, a difficult Par 5, Yang was able to make another birdie which meant that Sabbatini only won the tournament by one stroke. According to reports, Sabbatini was impressed by the play that Yang made.

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Posted: 7th March 2011

News Rory Sabbatini Wins Honda Classic for Sixth PGA Tour Title
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