Promising Young Golfer Dies In Car Crash

Ben Enoch

Amateur Golfer Ben Enoch died on Thursday when he was involved in a car crash on the way to a tournament. Enoch was a member of the Walker Cup Squad, the tournament named for the great-grandfather of former President George W. Bush, and was hoping to play in September.

According to West Mercia Police, Enoch's green Peugeot 306 ran off the eastbound A40 around a left curve, crashing through a fence before finally striking a storage unit/trailer. He was scheduled to attend East Tennessee University on a golf scholarship later this year.

Fred Warren, the golf coach for East Tennessee was quoted on the team's website as saying: “He not only was an internationally ranked golfer with an unlimited future in the game, he was an outstanding young man and student...”

Enoch's brother Rhsy already attends East Tennessee and is also a member of the Walker Cup Squad, which is set to pit Great Britain and Ireland against the United States later this year. The tournament happens every two years and Enoch was hoping to be one of the ten picked for the competition in September. He was a runner-up in the 2008 Welsh Amateur Championship.

The Chief Executive of the Golf Union in Wales, Richard Dixon, said in an interview with the BBC, “Our thoughts are with the family at this terribly sad time.” Dixon added that Enoch was “a bright and vibrant personality in our teams.” Ben Enoch was 19.

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Posted: 2nd May 2009

News Promising Young Golfer Dies In Car Crash
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