Journalist and Author Bud Shrake Dies Of Lung Cancer

Bud ShrakeJournalist and Author Bud Shrake, perhaps best known for co-authoring the book 'Harvey Penick's Little Red Book', died Friday at the age of seventy-seven. Shrake died in the hospital due to lung cancer according to his son, Ben Shrake.   His real name was Edwin, but everyone in his journalistic and personal life simply knew him as 'Bud'.

Shrake was well known, not only for the articles he had written over the years, for publications such as Sports Illustrated, The Fort Worth Press, The Dallas Times Herald and The Dallas Morning News, but also for the ten or more novels he published in his lifetime, and his co-authoring of 'Harvey Pennick' which was a bestseller. He also co-authored a biography with Willie Nelson, and was known to friends as colleagues as the man who had entertained Jack Ruby, the killer of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Sports Writer Dan Jenkins said that Shrake had known that this was coming. “Knowing Bud as I did, he was ready to take on another great adventure.” Jenkins also said that Shrake had “prepared for this for the last several months.”

Bud Shrake was married three times, once to a real estate agent from Austin named Doatsy Shrake, and twice to his wife, Joyce. He was also known to have a deep relationship with Former Texas Governor Ann Richards, and will be buried next to her. According to Shrake's longtime friend Gary Cartwright “they were both very mysterious about it and when you would ask them they said, 'We intend to grow old together.'”

Besides being survived by his son Ben, Bud Shrake also had another son named Alan, four grandchildren as well as three great-grandchildren. Jenkins said about his friend, that he was “an easy writer, a fast writer, a creative writer.””We were into smoking and drinking and hanging out, like most writers in the old days," Jenkins said. "I think journalism was a stopover for him. But he was awfully good at it."

Shrake will be buried at the Texas State Cemetery and Funeral Services will be held in Austin on Tuesday.

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Posted: 10th May 2009

News Journalist and Author Bud Shrake Dies Of Lung Cancer
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