Heavy Rain Puts Australian PGA Championship on Hold

Peter SeniorThe Australian PGA Championship has been postponed until Monday because of the heavy rain the region is experiencing. Right now Peter Senior has a one stroke lead on everyone else, but only nine holes have been played. Play was suspended on Sunday because of the weather and then officially postponed around three hours later. Officials measured more than two inches of rain falling overnight on the course and the game rules were altered to allow players to lift and clean their balls, and place them on the fairways.

Bobby Gates, who hails from America was the leader by a stroke in the third round, but he lost his lead to Peter Senior after getting two bogeys in a row. He lost his lead just before the play was stopped and is now tied for second place with Peter Fowler from Australia. There are still 24 golfers that need to play however, when the tournament does resume, which it is scheduled to do on Monday morning. PGA Of Australia Tournament Director Andrew Langford-Jones said that they had inspected the tournament and it was worse than when they had suspended the round.

While the top two positions are taken by Fowler, Gates and Senior, third place is taken by Geoff Ogilvy who has won the Australian Open previously, and is only a stroke behind, as well as Australians Richard Green and Matthew Griffin. This is Gates first time playing the Coolum Course and his lead was lost with a bit of bad luck and an official decision that caused him to hit the ball out of a bunker that was flooded with rain. That was one of the holes that he bogeyed on. Peter Senior said that he got Gates got a bad call on the bunker shot.

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Posted: 13th December 2010

News Heavy Rain Puts Australian PGA Championship on Hold
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