First Hole For Tiger Woods In 20 Weeks

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods return to golf has been much anticipated by fans and golfers alike. Woods has been out of the golf scene for the past 20 weeks, returning to the PGA Tour with the PGA Masters in Augusta, Georgia after Woods publicly admitted to having extramarital affairs. Several women have come forward and said that they had an affair with Tiger Woods, in fact close to a dozen, the story first reported by a tabloid and then gaining national attention after Woods was involved in a car crash with his SUV.

The first hole was something that everyone was looking forward to, and security and staff of the Augusta National were out in force. Tiger wore shorts and a large hat, coming out through a tunnel of people to meet and greet – mainly the Nike group, followed by the rest of his team. The crowd began forming at around ten minutes to one and about twenty five minutes past Steve Williams – Caddy for Tiger Woods entered the scene. Silence ensued for about ten seconds then several people in the crowd shouted out some variation of 'Go Tiger”.

It was a reminder of 1997 when Woods came out to practice with nine strokes up and eighteen holes left to play, leaving the crowd in anticipation to see the first time that an African American golfer had won the Masters. At 1:42PM Woods made his shot. Right now, with round two over in this tournament Fred Couples leads the standings with a score of -6. There are four golfers that are tying right behind Couples for second place, K.J. Choi, Tom Watson, Lee Westwood and Phil Mickelson but we'll have to wait for the final round to determine who takes it.

Tags: PGA Tour, Tiger Woods, Tom Watson, Phil Mickelson
Posted: 9th April 2010

News First Hole For Tiger Woods In 20 Weeks
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