Fans Not Happy With Tiger Woods Affair

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods came out and publicly admitted to having an affair on Friday and as a result fans aren't the same for it.Tiger Woods has been wildly popular with fans since he started golfing professionally back in 1996 but now with admissions of infidelity, Woods popularity went straight down the tubes, dropping to about thirty three percent. The last time that Woods popularity was polled was in 2005, and back then the numbers read quite a bit differently, with an eighty five percent approval rating then. Four years ago, only eight percent actually disapproved of the golfer, while now nearly sixty percent of fans do.

Back in 2000, Woods was the most popular person in the history of the Gallup Poll, with a rating of eighty eight percent. This is a huge drop and the biggest drop that Woods has ever received from the Gallup Poll, dropping fifty five points, which is the same margin that Americans had for ex-President George W. Bush in his term of 2001 to 2008. According to Jeffrey Jones, who is the Managing Editor of Gallup, Woods now measures worse than many politicians that the Gallup Poll tracks. This from being the most positive person that the Poll Agency had ever tracked.

The poll was all across the United States and the sample was of 1,025 adults. It was conducted Friday through Sunday. The margin of error allowed by the Gallup Poll technicians is plus or minus four percent. There were some other interesting results with this poll as well. Women disapprove of Woods more than men by eight points and those with higher education were more likely to be disappointed by his actions. Woods is out of the public eye supposedly trying to repair his marriage with his wife Elin.

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Posted: 16th December 2009

News Fans Not Happy With Tiger Woods Affair
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