Daly Ordered To Pay The Court Fees In Unfounded Legal Suit

John DalyProfessional Golfer John Daly was ordered to pay nearly $272,000 in legal fees for the lawsuit he brought against the Florida Times-Union in 2005. He claimed that the newspaper was guilty of libel after it printed a story that said that Daly didn't pass the “scoundrel sniff test”. 

The paper had pointed out, in an article by Mike Freeman that he possessed Thug Life qualifications, including domestic violence accusations, drug use and had a former wife indicted for money laundering from drug money profit. Freeman also mentioned Daly's three kids from three different women, and called him the Shawn Kemp of golf.

Hugo Carithers, the Duval County Circuit Judge who had tried Daly's libel case said that the statements made by the Florida newspaper were either true or constitutionally protected opinion.

The article was written during the 2005 Player's Championships. The Judge said that the only way a judgment would have come is if Daly had proven that the four facts that Freeman had listed were untrue, which he couldn't prove.

Daly was ordered to pay $263,088 in attorney's fees, as well as costs of $8,675.99 at a rate of 8 percent interest per year, until it is paid off. Daly joined the PGA Tour in 1987 and the European Tour in 2002. He has a total of 19 professional wins, five from the PGA Tour including Major Championship wins at the Open Championship in 1995 and the PGA Championship in 1991. Daly has been married four times and has three children, Shynah Hale, Sierra Lynn and John Patrick Daly II.

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Posted: 27th June 2009

News Daly Ordered To Pay The Court Fees In Unfounded Legal Suit
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