Christie Kerr Finishes First at Michelob Ultra Open

Cristie KerrIt all started on the 15th hole. Cristie Kerr chose her three wood for the shot, staring at the ball for a few seconds before taking a few deep breaths and then swinging for a shot that landed just forty-five feet from the hole. She made it look easy as she putted, expectedly missing the long shot the first time, but landing the ball the second to take a birdie that pulled her out of the four-way tie she had been stuck in.

Cristie knew that it was make or break at the fifteenth, and that she had to take the chance and go for the green and her concentration was clearly visible in the few seconds before she took the shot. “I knew at the time where I stood, and I knew that that was a must," she said afterwards.

The thirty-one year old went on to make a six-foot par at the sixteenth hole, and kept her lead as she made par for the seventeenth and eighteenth hole, at the end collecting the $330,000 check for winning the Michelob Ultra Open Tournament. While on the podium she begged for the tournament to return next year, commenting on rumors that Anheuser-Busch would not return next year as the tournament sponsor. Kerr joked, “I'll bring a sponsor myself if I have to” in interviews after the tournament had ended.

Runner Up was 20 year old South Korean player In-kyung Kim, who took home a check for $202,000 dollars. Song-Hee Kim and Lindsay Wright tied for third. The LPGA Tour has held the Michelob ULTRA Open at Kingsmill since 2003

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Posted: 12th May 2009

News Christie Kerr Finishes First at Michelob Ultra Open
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