Blood Test Results Sought By Police in Tiger Woods Car Crash

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods car crash was suspected by a Florida State Trooper to have been caused by driving under the influence. He attempted to obtain a subpoena for the golfer's blood results from the hospital where he was treated, but the courts decided that there wasn't enough information to grant the petition. Woods hit a fire hydrant and a tree overnight on November 27th with his SUV. The trooper wrote in his report that he suspected the driver had been impaired during that crash. Woods attorney returned no phone call for comment.

The accident happened at 2:25 AM, and Woods received a citation for $164 dollars for careless driving. The police officer that responded had Woods lie down, who was trying to stand, and covered him with a blanket and immobilized his spine with a pillow. Tiger Wood's wife Elin was there as well leaning over him. A search of the vehicle turned up $235 dollars but no alcohol. Woods was taken to the hospital and officer were not able to interview him about the accident. Even afterwards, in the days following, officers tried to interview him.

In fact, investigators from the State Police, who arrived after Woods had been transported to the hospital, tried to interview Woods three different times in the few days after the accident, but the golfer didn't want to talk to them. According to the report, there was a golf cart and two golf clubs near the SUV and Woods was bleeding from the lips. The accident is thought by some to be a result of a dispute between Tiger Woods and Elin Woods, helped by a National Enquirer story.

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Posted: 8th December 2009

News Blood Test Results Sought By Police in Tiger Woods Car Crash
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