2011 Sees the Australian Open Before the Presidents Cup

Tiger WoodsA decision by the PGA has placed the Australian Open before the president's cup in 2011, which may be bad news for Tiger Woods has it puts the Australian Master's opposite of Wood's own event in California, an event that he has attended for the last two years in a row. The Open will likely be held at in course in the Sydney area and the dates for it will be November 10th through the 13th. The Coolum Australian PGA will play November 24th through the 27th, which is one week after the Presidents Cup takes place between the US and an International team.

The Australian Masters are scheduled for December 1st through the 4th but the dates aren't for sureo n that yet. Woods, who was the winner of the Australian Masters in 2009 said that he would prefer to see it played a week prior to the President's Cup. Kingston Heath will be the location for the Masters, a sandbelt course that is located near Royal Melbourne, and is a great way for Tiger Woods and other players that are planning to play in the President's Cup to prepare for the team event one week prior to it.

Wood's management, IMG, who also manages the Australian Masters had hoped to get the slot the week prior to the President's Cup in order to boost their field. Now, the Australian Open in Sydney will do that, although the Lakes, which is the course for the Open, doesn't have much in common with the Royal Melbourne course like Kingston Heath does. Max Garske, the CE of the PGA in Australia said that there were several factors that had to be considered including the timing of international events and the availability of venues.

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Posted: 29th December 2010

News 2011 Sees the Australian Open Before the Presidents Cup
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