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The Nationwide Tour 2009 is the second tournament to the PGA Tour, and is considered by some to be even more exciting then the PGA Tour as fans get to watch as the golfers who didn't quite make the cut compete fiercely to make next year's PGA Tour. The Tour features golfers that haven't scored high enough to earn their PGA Tour Card, or who have their card, but didn't win enough money to maintain that level.

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The Tour rules for the Nationwide are similar to the PGA rules. They were all 72 hole stroke play events, and after 36 holes a cut is made. There are generally between 144 – 156 players on the field, and the winner's prize is equal to 18 percent of the total purse. Any player that wins three tournaments in a year on the Nationwide Tour is automatically promoted to PGA level, but it has only been done eight times including Chris Smith in 1997, Patrick Moore in 2002, Tom Carter, Jason Gore and more recently, Nick Flanagan in 2007.

There are 29 events on the Nationwide Tour this year, with the first one being held in Panama on February 8th. Vance Veazey won that tournament. On March 1st, the Moonah Classic took place in New Zealand, won by Steven Alker and Alex Prugh won the March 15th Michael Hill Open, also in New Zealand. Next up was the March 29th Chitimacha Lousiana Open, with Bubba Dickerson taking home the trophy. Also in the 2009 tournament was the Steonbrae Classic in California on April 5th, and Patrick Sheehan won the Athens Regional Foundation Classic on April 19th. The most recent tourney was the April 26th South Georgia Classic won by Garth Mulroy and the tourney being held next is the BMW Charity Pro-Am on May 17th.

So far the money leaders on the Nationwide Tour are Australian Michael Sim with $241,416. In second place on the rankings is Garth Mulroy with more than $151,000. Also on the list is number three Vance Veazey from the U.S. and another United States Golfer is in fourth place with $127,000. That player is Alex Prugh. If you want to watch all of the exciting tour action from the Nationwide Tour this year all you have to do is click on any of the links on this page to get your membership. You can watch as the money leaderboard changes, and the Nationwide golfers earn their money and PGA Cards changing the course of next year's PGA Tour. The BMW Charity Pro-Am takes place on May 17th. There are 29 events on the Nationwide Tour this year and you can watch all of them by going to The money leaders are Michael Sim, Vance Veazey Garth Mulroy and seven others, and they will be competing in the next Nationwide Tour event, the BMW Charity Pro-Am which will happen on May 17th 2009.

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 The Nationwide Tour is one of the most exciting tours to watch as the golfers compete fiercely for a spot on the PGA Tour. Money Leaders Michael Sim, Vance Veazey and Garth Mulroy are battling it out for a PGA Tour Card and you can watch them compete by going to The next event is May 17th with the BMW Charity Pro-Am. The BMW Charity Pro-Am is the next event on the Nationwide Tour, and you can watch all the remaining events of the 29 of the 2009 season by going to The major money leaders will be competing fiercely for a PGA Tour Card, and it's going to be one exciting series of tournaments. Don't miss the BMW Charity Pro-Am on May 17th.

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Posted: 15th May 2009

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