Watch Live F1 Racing Online Terms Of Service TOS.

Your membership with Watch Live Racing Online includes the following rules and stipulations for our customers, as well as the rules that we go by as well.

Site Rules

No information that is available in our member's area may be shared in any way. This includes uploading, downloading, trading, selling or sharing. The information on Watch Live Racing Online may not be viewed by anyone except members of the site, and may not be used on any other websites. In return, we agree that your personal information will never be shared, traded or accessed by any third party sites. nor will we send you spam email. Please see the privacy policy for further inforormation.

You may not share your membership with others. Because of how seriously we tae your account security, we have advanced monitoring programs that will determine if there are two or more connections using at the same time using different IP addresses, or if there are warning signs that show an account is being shared. Watch Live Racing Online has the right to terminate a shared account at any time.

You must be over the age of legal consent (18 in the United States) and legally permitted to enter into a contract in order to have a valid membership. Your account may be suspended or terminated if there is suspicion that this is not the case.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you feel that your account was terminated unfairly, feel free to use the contact form to let us know. We strive to answer all requests for support within 24 hours, but it may take up to 48 hours if it is a weekend or holiday. Make sure that you use the correct information, including email address, because we cannot be responsible for not being able to contact you otherwise.

Description of Service Provided

Your membership to Watch Live Racing Online allows you instant access to live racing streams, to watch races online, right from your computer. You get access to our member's area, and you'll be able to watch all major, and most of the minor racing events, as well as get information on how to watch other sports online as well. The links that are provided are to third party websites. We do not host the streams ourselves. We do try to ensure that all links are working and remain updated, however, technical problems on third party websites are out of our control.

Terms of Your Membership

Your membership entitles you to 365 days of access to live racing streams, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will continue to have this access until your subscription expires unless your account is found to be in violation of the terms of service. The membership fee that is listed on the order page is the price for the full year of access. Once your payment is processed you will get instant access. There is no need to cancel your account, as it must be renewed manually at the end of the subscription period.