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A new season of Formula 1 racing is upon us and it promises to be as exciting as ever with the teams strengthening a fair bit and a shake up with respect to the drivers representing the different teams. The first race of the season will be in Melbourne, Australia with the main race coming your way on Sunday, March 15.

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Most notably, four time world champion and the youngest ever Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel has moved to Ferrari from Red Bull Racing while Fernando Alonso has moved to McLaren who have also retained the services of Jenson Button after a lot of speculation surrounding their combination for the upcoming season.

Alonso however, misses the inaugural grand prix of the season after having suffered a concussion after he met with an accident during testing with his new team. McLaren have also switched to Honda as their new engine suppliers following the end of their agreement with Mercedes.

All eyes will be on the Mercedes team who have retained the services of two of the most exciting racing drivers of our times in the form of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

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Last season, Mercedes had a far better car than the rest of the field which was playing catch-up. Some of the teams have admitted that they have a long way to go before they could produce a similarly fast car in line with the new regulations which govern the sport. It will be interesting to see which team finishes on top come Sunday as it may be a sign of things to come in an exciting Formula 1 season.

Posted: 14th March 2014

The 2014 Formula 1 season is all set to begin tomorrow with the Australian Grand Prix at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. The first round of the 2014 Championship will see British Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes starting at the pole position. In an action-packed qualifying session, Hamilton came out tops inching out local boy Daniel Ricciardo, participating in his very first race for defending Constructors’ Champions Red Bull, by a miniscule three-tenths of a second.

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Hamilton’s Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg finished third, fuelling speculation that this year would belong to the UK based giants.The fourth place was bagged by McLaren’s Kevin Magnussen, followed by Fernando Alonso of Ferrari.

With radical changes in the engine configuration introduced by the FIA this year, teams have had a rigorous pre-season to conform to the latest norms. The first casualty of the new rule was Red Bulls’ defending Driver’s Champion Sebastian Vettel failing to make it to Q3 for the first time since 2012. This misery was later attributed to the engine software of the new Red Bull car.

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With the new rules in place, this year’s Championship might throw some surprises at its viewers. All we can do is wait and watch.

Posted: 15th March 2013

This week on the Formula One Championship Circuit, is the very first race of the year, the Australian Open Grand Prix Live. It is sponsored by Rolex and will happen in Melbourne, Australia, from March 15th to the 17th. This is race number one. The second race will be the Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix, which will take place in Kuala Lumpur, from the 22nd of March to the 24th. After that, the series will race in Shanghai, April 12th through the 14th and the fourth and fifth races are in Sakhir, Bahrain and Catalunya, Spain.

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Last year, the Australian Open happened on the 18th of March and it ran for 58 laps. With a time of 1:34:09.565 it was Jenson Button racing for McLaren Mercedes who came out on top. Red Bull Racing Renault driver Sebastian Vettel came in second with a time that was just 2.1 seconds over Button's, and then Jenson Button's teammate Lewis Hamilton came in third at 4.0 seconds aftr the leader time. Mark Webber took the fourth spot with Red Bull Racing Renault and a time of +4.5 seconds and Fernando Alonso with Ferreri was a full 21.5 seconds later than the leader time.

Of course, with the races just beginning we don't have a standings chart for this year. However, we can look at the standings from last year to try to see where everyone ended up. It may not give any clues as to what will happen this year, but in the top spot for the teams was Red Bull Racing Renault, with drivers like Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. Red Bull Racing Renault ended up with 460 points last year. The team in second place is Ferrari and they had 400 points when the season ended. Meanwhile, McLaren Mercedes had third place and 378 points.

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As for the driver's championship, we ended last year with German driver Sebastian Vettel at the top of the standings for Red Bull Racing Renault, with 281 points. Fernando Alonso from Spain came in second for Ferrari with 278 points and then Kimi Raikkonen from Finland took third for Lotus Renault with 207 points. Two British drivers and teammates completed the last of the top five. First we had Lewis Hamilton with McLaren Mercedes in fourth with 190 points and then Jenson Button came in at fifth with 188 points.

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Posted: 13th March 2015

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