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This year's Asia Pacific Panasonic Open will begin September 24th, which is a Thursday and will go until Sunday, September 27th. It will be held at the Joyo Country Club this year, and hosted by the Asia Pacific Golf Confederation, with the Panasonic Corporation as the title sponsor with participation from the Japan Golf Association. This is the biggest event in Japan's Golf year, and possibly in the entire Asia Pacific Region, with both professional players and amateur players participating but attracting some extremely good golfers.

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This year the tournament's prize money will count towards the rankings for the Asian and Japanese Golf Tours. The venue is the Joyo Country Club, which is a very highly regarded course in the Region of Kansai, having opened in 1957 with its own very illustrious history. The venue has two courses, The East and The West requires that players use an assortment of techniques and skills Part of the top five last year included Liang and Brown, who were part of the Asian Tour, while Azuma Higashi and Hideto Tanihara played for the final.

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The host player this year is Ryo Ishikawa, of Panasonic and his earnings last year were greater than 180 million Yen, and was the youngest player, at only the age of 17. He's done extremely well, winning the Kansai Open and the MyNavi ABC Championship. Since he wasn't able to qualify for the tournament last year he will certainly be working hard to win this year's tournament. He also qualified for the US Tour on his second attempt and is the youngest player competing in the Masters. Don't miss the Asia Pacific Panasonic Open from September 24th to September 27th. Get your membership at the banners on this page and you can watch the tournament live in high quality streaming video.

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Posted: 26th September 2009

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